SKU # 30005489 - Coin Holders of Sized with the Pulling Knob - Proudly Indian & Probably Best in World - A Product of Marudhar Arts.

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Proudly Indian “The Quality Challenge” Coin Holders – The World’s Best

High Quality Paper & Non-acid / Non-kerosene / Non-chemical Sheets. 

All New improved Coin holders, Chemical free

Store your precious collection in the world’s best Coin Holders

Have you ever seen this kind of Quality?

Show us something better and we will improve further Some Facts

Chemical Free Bio Poly Propylene Film is used in our Coin Holders that do not contain Plastic or Kerosene.

The advantages with our Coin Holder is as follows:

Ø  Comes in eight different Sizes


18 (Ø)MM   

21 (Ø) MM

24 (Ø) MM

27 (Ø) MM 

30 (Ø) MM 

33 (Ø) MM  

36 (Ø) MM 

39 (Ø) MM

Why hold back or compromise on the quality of the Coin Holder when it protects your invaluable collection

Bond with Marudhar Arts by using our World Class ‘one and only’ Coin Holder

Note:- To buy single particular size coin holders, click on the preferred links below...

For 18 (Ø) MM

For 21 (Ø) MM -

For 24 (Ø) MM -

For 27 (Ø) MM -

For 30 (Ø) MM -

For 33 (Ø) MM -

For 36 (Ø) MM -

For 39 (Ø) MM -


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