S.No. Auction No. Lot no Actual Value Corrected Value
123194-"The coin has been previously mounted, but the mount has been removed wisely and shows no affect on the legends, neither the legends are tooled/disturbed/altered. The coin has been aesthetically restored."
223289Ruler Upendra NarayanRuler Harendra Narayan
323400RupeeHeavy Rupee
423402RupeeHeavy Rupee
523521Denomination 50 Rupee and 10 PaiseDenomination 50 Paise and 10 Rupees
623522Set of 20 CoinsSet of 2 Coins
723532Set of 4 CoinsSet of 3 Coins
823548South KoreaNorth Korea
923483Calcutta MintBombay Mint
1023585Saint Dhyaneshwar, Metal Copper NickelSaint Tiruvallur, Metal Stainless Steel
1123616brahmi legend in the description 'Damabadasa'Kanhamitasa
1223617Bhadra and Mitra DynastyEran Vidisha Region
1523846Estimate 40000-45000Mumbai Mint (off flan), Issuer East India Company, Price 400000-500000
16231120condition: extremely fine+UNC
1723940Estimate: 2500-3000Extremely Rare Estimate: 70000-90000
18231194Weight 2.0gWeight 11.5g
19231196Denomination 1/2 Anna (KM # 2.1)Denomination 2 Annas (KM # 4.1)
20231197Denomination 1/2 Anna (KM # 2.2)Denomination 2 Annas (KM # 4.2)
21231204Denomination 20 Rupees and 10 PaiseDenomination 20 Paise and 10 Rupees
22231205Denomination 50 Rupees and 10 PaiseDenomination 50 Paise and 10 Rupees
23231209Set of 3 CoinsSet of 2 Coins
24231217Set of 2 CoinsSet of 3 Coins
2523219Image wrong in the Printed CatalogPlease refer the images from web
26231198Image wrong in the Printed catalogPlease refer the images from web