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Membership Info

Membership Info

Dear Bidders,
All are requested to obtain a membership & generate the credit limits, if you want to bid in our Floor or e-Auctions.
You can provide us with any reference of a source well known to us and obtain a membership. 
Go through the following table and obtain a membership plan suitable to your needs.
Membership type Membership Fee (INR) Bidding Limit (In INR) Buy Member Ship
Silver Membership 2500 lot(s) up to 50,000 INR Silver Membership
Gold Membership 5000 lot(s) up to 100,000 INR Gold Membership
Platinum Membership 10000 lot(s) up to 500,000 INR Platinum Membership
Titanium Membership 25000 lot(s) up to any amount Titanium Membership


Member Ship Fee is 100% Refundable any time or adjustable in your winning lot(S) & This is for 1st time only

New Bidders can Buy the Membership online 
Via Wire / Transfer / Direct Deposits.
to Any of Banks Account
For more details you can either mail us at
or Call 080-6532-9800