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Lot # 194 - Gold Heavy Mohur Coin of Akbar.
Gold Heavy Mohur Coin of Akbar.
Gold Heavy Mohur Coin of Akbar. Gold Heavy Mohur Coin of Akbar.
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DenominationGold MohurMetalGold
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Akbar, Gold Mohur (Heavy), Mintless, Elahi countermarked in numerical (30), Obv:  jalla jalalahu ( glorified  be his glory) within double square and at bottom elahi countermarked 30, Rev: allahu akbar (allah is great) within double square, legends on both sides within ornate border comprising of a double square, wavy lines and a dotted border. 12.00g, 19.0mm, (Liddle # Type G-27), Ex.mount, choice extremely fine, Exceedingly Rare.

Akbar started the Ilahi type of coinage in the 30th year of his reign. The above coin is the earliest variant of Ilahi type Gold Heavy Mohur in the series, the countermarked year '30' is the earliest reference to the Ilahi reckoning system which subsequently became a major feature of Akbar's coinage. 

Akbar promulgated the Ilahi Era in AH 992/1584 AD. It was reckoned from Akbar's accession in AH 963/1556 AD, so '30' would correspond to the year in which the era was launched. An 'Ilahi' year began at the Vernal Equinox every year, with the celebration of the Iranian festival of Nowruz. The calendar had twelve Persian months and was devised by Fathullah Shirazi, a Persian/Indian polymath.

Soon after the coins were minted, the mistake of not putting a date was noticed and the available mohurs were counter-struck with the Year 30 stamp.

"The coin has been previously mounted, but the mount has been removed wisely and shows no affect on the legends, neither the legends are tooled/disturbed/altered. The coin has been aesthetically restored."